MonoPulse Model S & Model SS Speakers

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Two versions – Model S slim floorstanding loudspeaker, and Model SS standmount with serious performance. We love the MonoPulse range of speakers for their ultimate realism and sound-stage. Just 23cm wide and 95cm high, slim and elegant – but 250 watts and 25Hz bass!  “Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison.” (What Hi-Fi).





What Hi-Fi five star review for the Monopulse Model S : “other loudspeakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison.”

A slimmer and lower-cost alternative to the Model A – but with all the MonoPulse impulse precision, realism and sound-stage.

The 2017 Monopulse Model S – 2 versions – a slim floorstander or a serious standmount.

New Wood Finishes add a touch of real class. The hardwood choice is Light Oak, the redder Meranti or Black Walnut with a choice of Ten cloth colours

Full MonoPulse holographic realism and sound-stage – Giving audio transparency which makes the speakers vanish. (Technical details here)

Power 250 watts, with Kevlar drive-units

Padded real leather backs and a dramatic choice of finishes. Ten colours for the cloth, and several of materials and colours for the tops,

Impedance. 8 ohms nominal, and minimum. A uniform high impedance – perfect for valve amps, and not sensitive to differences between solid state amps.

The Monopulse Model S floorstander.

Slim and elegant – but with 250 watt power handling (125 watts continuous) and 25Hz bass (Hi Fi +) .

95cm high, 22cm deep and 23 cm wide, but with 160mm Kevlar LF speakers and 28mm silk-domed 22KHz HF units. Weight 12kg.

Sensitivity. 90dB, for good output from lower-powered amps. We recommend valve amplifiers of minimum 18 watts, and solid state amplifiers 35 watts.

Specification includes – low terminal panel, profiled corners, recessed carrying handle, and extending spikes.

MonoPulse Standmount Speaker - Model SS

Black Walnut with Burgundy – shows twin connecting panel and rear-facing port

The Monopulse Model S standmount version.

“Does what should be impossible for such small loudspeakers a full and rich sound which is never tiring.” (From Norway)

Compact – but still with 250 watt power handling (125 watts continuous) and 29Hz bass.

45cm high, 23cm deep and 23 cm wide. The greater depth keeps the deep bass and rich large sound of the floorstander.

Sensitivity. 89dB. We recommend valve amplifiers of minimum 18 watts, and solid state amplifiers 35 watts.

Specification includes – dual terminal panel, profiled corners and rear facing port.

Other information.

Drive units. The LF drivers are Kevlar-coned with 54mm 4 layer aluminium voice-coils.

MonoPulse Standmount - Model SS The HF drive-units are 28mm, silk-domed, rated at 500 watts for 10ms.

Crossovers. Patented MonoPulse asymmetric, using only film capacitors and air-spaced coils.

The HF circuit is fourth-order, with 24dB per octave attenuation from 3kHz, giving superb protection of the HF units. The LF crossover is first order

Model A/S Cinema Systems.

Full surround-sound with all the MonoPulse realism, in a matched system, with rear and centre speakers based on the high spec 250 watt, Model C. Total power 1,350 watts.

Model CM – Centre unit, 45cm wide x 19cm high x 20cm deep.

Model CW – Wall mounting rear units – 35 high x 18cm wide x 20cm deep. Stand mounted Model C pairs can also be used.

Please ask for details.

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Wood Finish

Light American Oak, Meranti (a redder finish), Walnut

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