MonoPulse Model S & Model SS Speakers


Two versions – Model S slim floorstanding loudspeaker, and Model SS standmount with serious performance. We love the MonoPulse range of speakers for their ultimate realism and sound-stage. Just 23cm wide and 95cm high, slim and elegant – but 250 watts and 25Hz bass!  “Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison.” (What Hi-Fi).




What Hi-Fi five star review for the Monopulse Model S : “other loudspeakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison.”

A slimmer and lower-cost alternative to the Model A – but with all the MonoPulse impulse precision, realism and sound-stage.

2 versions – a slim floorstander or a serious standmount.

New Wood Finishes add a touch of real class. The hardwood choice is Light Oak, the redder Meranti or Black Walnut with a choice of Ten cloth colours.

Full MonoPulse holographic realism and sound-stage – Giving audio transparency which makes the speakers vanish. (Technical details here)

Visit the Manufacturer website for complete details of MonoPulse Hi-Fi Speakers

Power 300 watts, with Kevlar drive-units

  • 28mm HF drive units – as the flagship Model A.
  • 22kHz from silk-domes and neodymium magnets.
  • Kevlar LF units – for power and clarity.
  • Ten cloth colours
  • New – extended spikes
  • Double terminal panel
  • 300 watt power handling – 150 watts continuous – real power in this slim speaker.
  • 95cm high x 20cm deep x 23cm wide. Weight 12kg
  • 25Hz bass (Hi Fi +) from 160mm LF drivers tuned to 39Hz
  • 90 dB sensitivity. Valve amp minimum 18 watts, and solid state 35 watts.
  • 8 ohms impedance – Perfect for valve amps – and less sensitive to differences between solid-state amps.
MonoPulse Standmount Speaker - Model SS

Black Walnut with Burgundy – shows twin connecting panel and rear-facing port

The Monopulse Model S standmount version.

“Does what should be impossible for such small loudspeakers a full and rich sound which is never tiring.” (From Norway)

Based on the floorstander – with similar specifications and the same colour choices.

The result is the same full sound. (“it should not be possible – to get this rich large sound” – from Norway, see below)


  • 48cm high x 18 cm wide x 23cm deep. (3cm deeper than the floorstander). The greater depth keeps the bass at 29Hz.
  • Power – 250 watts max, 125 watts continuous.
  • Sensitivity. 89dB. Recommended valve amplifier min 18 watts, and solid state 35 watts.
  • LF drive units – Kevlar, 5 1/4 inch, 130mm,

Visit the MonoPulse website  for more details on the MonoPulse Model S Loudspeakers

Model A/S Cinema Systems.

Using Model A front units.

  • This gives an awesome 1,850 watts – also the 20Hz bass needed for cinema.
  • Model S Floorstanders are used for rears and the special Model S based centre unit for the front centre.

With the 20Hz bass of the Model A – most users don’t use a sub-woofer. This avoids detached and imbalanced sounds which these can give.

Using Model S Floorstander front units:.

  • Combined with Model S Floorstander rear units and Model S centre – gives 1,250 watts.

The 25Hz Model S – can also be used without sub-woofer – avoiding their problems.

Using Model S Standmounts only:

  • Our minimum system uses Model S Standmounts – as front sides and rears. Model S centre. 1,250 watts.

More details on the MonoPulse Cinema combinations

Please ask for details and pricing.

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Wood Finish

Light American Oak, Meranti (a redder finish), Walnut

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