aerodrums-header-logoAerodrums develop and commercialise tools for drummers. Their main project is Aerodrums, a revolutionary new kind of ‘drum kit’. Aerodrums fits in a backpack, feels and sounds as good as a real drum kit, can be silent to others around you, and is affordable.


cabasse2Founded by Georges Cabasse, heir of five generations of stringed instruments craftsmen and with a unique memory for sounds, Cabasse has, since 1950, one obsession: the authentic reproduction of music to bring you the true emotion of a concert in your home.

The Cabasse team develop innovative acoustic and electronic technologies which benefit all their models, from the world reference La Sphere to the petite Stream 1.


Beautifully crafted boutique products that produce amazing sound, check out the Chordette range. We use them ourselves in all sorts of applications and they never fail to deliver.

Creek Audio

Mike Creek and his team have been doing this a long time and it shows. They give us products that, at their price point, represent the best you can get. Don’t hesitate to audition Creek Audio before you make a purchase.

Custom Design

Custom Design give us some fantastic hi-fi furniture, made in the UK and sustainably sourced to boot. Add to that they’re a friendly bunch (Northerners you see, just like us!) and can ship for us direct from factory to your door and you can see why we like working with them.

Heed Audio

We’ve always loved their modular items, especially the famed CanAmp headphone amplifier but their Obelisk range is rewriting the book on what music can sound like on really sensible money. Upgradable, too.

Hi-Fi Racks

Hi Fi Stands, TV Stands, and AV Furniture all designed and handmade in the UK by this family-run business. Hi-Fi Racks is dedicated to producing audio visual stands that look good, perform acoustically and can be adapted as your system changes. All products are designed and individually handmade, using the finest quality hardwoods (never MDF or veneers).

iFi Audio

iFi Audio is a division of AMR Abbingdon Music Resesarch and their boutique products benefit from the attention to detail and trickle down technology from the parent brand. We’ve never heard a bad thing said about ANY of their products.

Ming Da

We love Ming Da! Simple as that. The products gleam, you can’t stop looking at them. Their bang per buck is incredibly high and the UK back up sets them apart from all the competition. 3 year warranty as standard. We listen to Ming Da valve amps for pleasure in our homes. Enough said.


MonoPulse, our favourite speaker brand are hand made to order with a choice of colours and they just work, beautifully! Our go-to brand if anyone asks “What speakers do you do?”. You get over the quirky looks in about 10 minutes, after which they just blend into your room. The rest is sonic bliss. Sit back and relax. It’s all there. Perfect.

Peachtree Audio

Peachtree Audio introduced its first product, the ground-breaking Decco amplifier, in 2007. The Decco was the world’s first integrated amplifier to feature a USB input, allowing its on-board digital-to-analogue converter to process music files directly from a computer. Designed for real rooms of the 21st century, they look the part, have all the right inputs and sound just great.


This is a brand that everyone has heard of. They’ve been going long enough to know how to make a turntable, that’s for sure. We have experience of using them and, despite their fragile appearance, are pretty robust and give a great sonic performance. Handy features such as automatic operation on some models helps the experience.