When we heard the plight of Fish, legendary singer/lyricist and former leader of rock group Marillion, we couldn’t help but offer to help.  Read on to hear the fascinating story.

Everyone, including us, remembers singing along to the strains of Kayleigh and Lavender as Marillion rocked the charts in the 80s.  Lyricist and lead singer, Fish, went on to a massively successful solo career that continues to this day

He wasn’t to know at the time, but a casual post on his social media recently, bemoaning the demise of his ageing power amplifier, would set the wheels in motion for an upgrade he couldn’t have imagined!

Luckily, Audio Elevation founders, Ian and Darren, follow the antics of the great man and noticed his post, in among the ones about his domestic duties and garden vegetables! Just one comment later and we found ourselves contacting some of our industry contacts determined to save the day!

What did he need?  Well, he’s clearly still a fan of analogue so an amplifier with phono input to cater for his old Thorens deck was a must. Digital was also a necessity as he listens with musicians to music in digital format to help assess sounds for new Fish material.

Finally, he needed POWER! Not for silly volume levels but he had a pair of Kef floorstanders that we knew would take some driving to bring out the best in them.

It was our pleasure to recommend and supply the Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier as the heart of his system. He was so happy he agreed to endorse the brand, to the delight of all involved in bringing this product to UK listeners. The Halo has MM/MC phono input, optical, coaxial and usb digital, can cater for high res (DSD etc) formats, has 160w p/channel of power and a myriad of features/functions to satisfy anyone’s needs. He was immediately taken by the choice, commenting that he was “a little bit blown away.”

As the Halo had digital decoding catered for, we just needed a fantastic CD transport and the Heed Audio DT (CD and HDCD) transport was a fine candidate.  We’ve supplied Heed Audio products to many customers over the years and they never fail to deliver the sonic goods. The digital feed from the DT into the Sabre dac within the Halo would be a winning combination and give Fish years of listening pleasure.

 All that remained was for Darren to brave the trip up North to deliver and instal the equipment in his home/studio near Edinburgh.  The UK Brand Ambassadors were there and certainly did their bit, espeically when the speaker cables just wouldn’t quite reach and they had to make new ones on-site! 

Fish and his wife looked after us throughout the day and we left him listening to his music collection at enthusiastic volume levels, which we understand went on long into the night.