About Us

As a family, we love music and hi-fi and our passion has given us a lifetime of listening pleasure (starting as soon as we could afford that Nad amp and Dual turntable).

Recent years have allowed us to experience hi-fi at a higher level. We never thought we could translate that into a business but, in the end, it happened almost by accident.  Audio Elevation is a proud, family run business based in South Yorkshire, UK.

But what is hi-fi these days?

Maybe it’s no longer all dowdy old men in cardigans surrounded by dusty LPs but it’s not listening through your computer sound card/built-in speakers, nor the speaker on your mobile phone either, is it?  That’s not hi-fi!

Most kids have never even heard the phrase “hi-fi”, though not too many years ago it was in the top three “must-haves” for young adults setting out in life (the list went house, car, hi-fi…).  We can do better for them, given half a chance.

So what do we need to do for the customers of today?

Well, we still offer what might be termed traditional hi-fi equipment to bearded folks who know a valve amp from their elbow.  But we also help a growing number of customers, new to hi-fi, to use that computer or that mobile phone/tablet as a source and, with a little help, turn it into a fantastic audio solution for the 21st Century.

Available from Audio Elevation now are products that have been given accolades and awards in multiple reviews and which deserve your attention.  These items sit proudly in our own systems and give us a great big smile every day.  We hope you are intrigued enough to want to listen in your home and that you will get in touch soon.

You’ll realise when you speak to us that we do not “sell” hi-fi.  We trust our ears to choose products and we want you to trust yours.  If we’ve done our job right, you’ll hear the benefits for yourself and will want to buy from nice folks that you trust.

If you’re ready to buy now, click away and place that order.  If you have any final questions, give us a call/drop us an email and we’ll help you out before you commit.

Please join our family by registering for an account on our website.  No purchase is necessary, but we’ll be able to provide you with our newsletters containing details of new, ex-dem and second hand products.  If you want to get in touch just email sales@audioelevation.co.uk